Auto Recycling

The Crusher is a licensed auto dealer, re-builder and recycler.  We are set up to handle all the necesary paperwork required to dispose of your vehicle.  All you need to provide is the vehicle and title and we will take it from there.

Our local facility is equipped and ready to process cars, trucks and other vehicles. 

During the vehicle "stripping" process we drain the antifreeze, oil, gasoline, transmission and brake fluid and remove mercury switches. All of these items are recycled.

Tires and batteries are removed and recycled. This is done prior to the crushing, shearing and shredding process.

Crushing , shearing, cutting and shredding prepares the steel scrap for remelting at a steel mill.

The recycling process helps reduce environmental pollution by providing an alternative to landfill dumping.   It also reduces the amount of energy that would otherwise be used in the mining and refining process.

We are located at 651 W. Washington, West Chicago, IL 60185
CALL US AT 630-410-1970 or 630-231-JUNK